After the first semester of using ABE, our teacher generated disciplinary referrals dropped 52% and our OSS assignments decreased by 40%. I would recommend ABE to any district who wants a program and a systematic process of dealing with student behavior, discipline, and the data it produces in a positive and effectual way. 

- Superintendent - Mark Rains - Dixie County, Florida

I had been looking for a digital solution for referrals, but none worked with PowerSchool. Now all of our referrals originate in ABE and the data is automatically updated in PowerSchool. It makes the process much cleaner.

- Principal - Rod Ruth - Clover, South Carolina

ABE has reduced our referral, ISS, and OSS rates considerably while improving behavior in our students. I fully support the use of this program. 

- School Principal - Truett Abbott - Warrenton County, Georgia

With ABE we’re all paying more attention to behavior. In December 2015 we had 379 administrative hearings; in 2016 we had 141. That’s a significant decrease—62 percent—which is attributable to our work with ABE.

- Assistant Superintendent - Dr. Kelvin Wymbs - Florence, South Carolina

My staff has been very pleased with ABE. It is easy to see the difference it has made in our school.

- Supervisor of Alternative Programs - Dama Abshier, Ph.D - Marion County, Florida

ABE provides us with all the data so we can move in the right direction. 

- Director of Student Services - Mark Vianello - Marion County, Florida

I appreciate all of the hard work your team has put in to the implementation of ABE and PowerSchool in the Thomasville School system. I believe the ABE systems has been very successful this year. I look forward to our continued partnership. 

- Administrator - Dr. Daniel Oldham - Thomasville, GA

- Administrator - Central Elementary School - Northhampton County, NC

I am loving ABE. As an administrator, ABE has saved me so much time and energy. ABE is a comprehensive approach to behavior from classroom management to referral to intervention to FBA to the BIP. If you need it, ABE has it.

ABE is an engaging site that allows students to gain the skills that are individually identified as an area needing remediation. Not only do the teachers find it very helpful, but the students are actively involved when using this system. Students need little to zero prompting to use the site. 

- Teacher - Jacki Anderson - Pittsburg, PA

Not one student has complained about having to complete an ABE intervention, which is unbelievable. In fact, we have had a few students ask to complete assignments. Some of our teachers have used the programs as ‘whole class’ instruction, using the videos and discussion pieces when they see a broader issue with the class, and the students respond well. All that to say we are

so thankful for the program!

- Director of Education - Charissa Rychcik - MEd, Pittsburg, PA

ABE enables my elementary students to learn and practice appropriate social skills and emotional management techniques independently while using the computer. They feel confident and enjoy using the program. My students will even ask me if they can go on ABE after they have had a rough day in school. It gives me the opportunity to provide a resource to my students that is fun and educational at the same time! 

- Alternative Education Teacher - Natalie Thomas - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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