My Classroom, BIP, FBA, & Desktop Tools

My Classroom


  • Place student profiles into separated classes based on subject, special needs, or areas of choice.

  • Move students into seating charts and give profile pictures for easy recognition.

  • View basic Behavioral Banking Game statistics like student checking amounts, without opening the full Game View.




  • Stay confidential through ABE Note with real time, teacher-to-teacher communication that is attached to your student.

  • Create student Referrals, FBA, Notes, and Interventions directly from Classroom view.

  • Access a daily history to quickly find actions that were created at any given time within a particular classroom.





  • Highlight current and past behavioral patterns and analysis for students in a selected class.

  • Receive desktop notifications when classroom tasks must be completed or addressed.

  • Access details on individual students found in your classes, including behavior history and currently processing actions.​​​​​​​


Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)


  • Create and publish a systematic BIP that is easy to understand and follow for involved teachers and staff.

  • Monitor daily progress so staff and teachers can track student behavior patterns online.

  • Set interactive reminder emails to make BIP implementation and progress monitoring simple and complete.










  • Use our FBA Tool to capture crucial data and merge prevalent information to create a personalized student BIP.

  • Pinpoint critical information, such as replacement behaviors and reinforcement procedures.

  • Effortlessly formulate a structured online plan to benefit the student and the teacher.










  • Identify the effectiveness of a BIP from the start with focused data collection.

  • Follow scatter plot trends and patterns to a conclusive result of BIP success.

  • Determine changes in behavior duration and intensity throughout implementation with automated graphs and charts.​​​​​​​​​​​









Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)


  • By pinpointing prevalent behaviors and graphing supporting data, ABE documents crucial behavioral patterns necessary for targeting influential variables.

  • Printable assessment summaries and graphs can be accessed during or after FBA completion, providing flexibility and improvement tracking capabilities necessary for creating successful Behavioral Improvement Plans.

  • Illuminate the details with automatically complied graphs including subject breakdowns, student reactions, and behavioral antecedents.









  • Our icon driven system allows observers to complete a detailed FBA in minutes on a laptop, desktop, or iPad.

  • Recorded FBA information, including notes and interviews, can be presented in a compact observation history or a detailed assessment summary.

  • With the option to have more than one observer, data can be captured and shared by BIP teams and administration.









  • Because a successful FBA is built around details, ABE is designed to target maladaptive behaviors by documenting crucial environmental variables such as instructors, antecedents, and contexts.

  • Observers can choose to receive emails or desktop reminders listing students under their daily-targeted FBA observations.








Desktop Tools


  • Set your system to access classes, students, calendar, and tasks without continuously entering your username and password.

  • Create a new student Referral, FBA, Intervention, or Note right through your desktop in seconds.









  • Pop-up notifications send reminders when a new task has been created for completion or overview, even when another program is open.

  • The ABE Desktop Tool lets you search the school database to add, attain, or edit information on any student.

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